Thursday, July 21, 2011


Most people hate going to the dentist.  When I announced in the office that I would be late in due to a dental appointment there were commiserations all round.  But you know, the thing is, I quite enjoy going to the dentist.

I put this down to three things:

1. I love that dentist clean feeling.  It doesn't matter how well I clean my teeth, they never feel quite as great as they do when I leave the dental surgery.

2. Dentists love my teeth.  Yup, seriously, they rave about them.  Invariably the dentist and dental hygienist will have a little conversation about if only everyone's teeth were like mine.  It is an ego boost every time I go.

3. I've never had a filling, or any painful procedure, so for me, the dental surgery is all about being praised and then having fantastically clean teeth.

I am lucky that I do seem to have struck some genetic gold and got a nice solid set of teeth, but most of this comes down to having a mother who was determined to teach us good dental habits.  She had us at the dentist for a clean every 6 months when we were kids.  She supervised our brushing, made us rinse our mouths with that pink stuff that sticks to plaque, ensured we had good and then electric toothbrushes.

She established excellent habits, but I think the best thing she and Dad ever did was to point out how my cousins didn't have any fillings.  My cousins are older than us and as a kid I definitely looked up to them.  They were these amazing, cool and glamorous teenagers who would appear at family functions, smiling with their (according to my parents) perfect teeth.  I can really clearly remember being determined that my teeth would be as perfect as Donal, Lachlan and Rachel's and I tell you what, gosh do I appreciate that now.  More and more is being discovered on how poor dental hygine can affect your health in general.

So I encourage everyone to look after their teeth.  Go to the dentist, even if it is expensive and apparently scary.  You will appreciate it later on.

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