Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today I woke up and thought, gosh I feel like eating pikelets.  This was a rather strange thing to think as I don't think I've had pikelets in years, and I've never made them.  But the thought was there and S agreed that they would make a perfect lunch option.

Not having a recipe, we basically made mini pancakes but they turned out delicious.  Golden brown and fluffy, I was in charge of the cooking, S was in charge with the toppings.  I love how creative he is.  We had the traditional pikelets topped with butter and jam, but we also had jam and cream, caramel and cream, chocolate topping, lemon sugar and on one notable pikelet S tried cinnamon and chilli (not good).

They were a real flashback to childhood and a delicious, if rather nutritionally deficient lunch.

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