Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Pizza

I'm going to blame the freezing weather for the fact that I completely forgot to take any photos yesterday, but S and I went to a fantastic birthday party.

Pretty much everyone likes pizza.  Even better is gourmet woodfired pizza.  So how did my friends top that?  With gourmet woodfired pizza that we assembled ourselves and cooked in a woodfired oven on a trailer in the front yard!

Yes some very clever people in Canberra came up with the excellent idea of putting a woodfired pizza oven on a trailer that you can hire for parties.  It arrived, set up involved lighting the fire and then we got stuck in.  Our fab hosts had provided an amazing array of delicious items from which to create our toppings.

For the carnivores there was chorizo, steak, prosciutto, duck, chicken, ham and salami.  Cheese selection included shredded pizza mix, fetta, bocconcini (which had an unfortunate habit of rolling off the pizzas while they were cooking) and brie.  There were marinated veggies, pumpkin, beetroot, semi dried tomatoes, rocket, potato, mushrooms, olives, pine nuts, capsicum, shallots, herbs and a whole host of other things I've forgotten.

People got very creative and came up with some truly delectable creations.

The only issue was that it was FREEZING yesterday.  Strong winds occasionally threatened to blow the toppings off the pizzas before they made it into the oven, we had a few dashes to catch plates or topping containers before the wind took them and during the cooking process we tended to huddle around the back of the oven keeping warm.

But in spite of the less than comfortable cooking conditions, we had a fantastic time and my long held desire to have a pizza oven in my backyard (and a backyard big enough to fit a pizza oven) is well and truly reignited!

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