Friday, July 20, 2012

Brunch and travel

Today we began the long trip home. Doorstep to doorstep we will be in transit for something like 40 hours. So to build our strength up we began the day with brunch. Brunch is big in Denmark. Just about every cafe offers it. We went to a place where we had been to dinner before because I had spotted their brunch menu. S had a fairly standard eggs, bacon and sausage. I however had the full brunch. Eggs scrambled with asparagus and mushroom, bacon, sausage, toast with a shrimp topping, Parma ham, smoked salmon, 2 types of cheese, yoghurt with berries syrup and granola, fruit and cake! Oh and juice and tea to wash it down. Of course all the portions were small but it was still a mighty meal. After eating we wandered around Christanhaven (the area we were staying in) for awhile. We walked past the best restaurant in the world - Noma. It is fairl ordinary looking but I would love to eat there (I just need to bring someone who eats fish, S would not enjoy the fish heavy menu). Finally we headed to the airport. There have already been annoyances. But such is international travel I guess. It really has been a spectacular trip. Blithe Moments will resume normal programming once jet lag has been dealt with.


  1. I hope the trip home goes well Lisa - it has been a spectacular trip following from afar too!

  2. oh man, that brunch sounds amazing! I tried to get into Noma so bad. Alas... that's the reason we decided to do Lisbon instead really! Next time ;)
    Heidi xo