Monday, July 16, 2012

Vikings and a Cathedral

After what felt like a far too short amount of time, we were up and about again this morning.

Having hired a car to get us all to the wedding, we used it again today to head out west to Roskilde to the Viking Ship Museum.  Guided by a GSP system that (mostly) kept us on the right side of the road, we made our way out of the city and up to Roskilde.

The museum wasn't what I expected.  I think I thought it was going to be more about the Vikings in general.  What it centred on was the remains of 5 boats ranging from a huge 60 person warship to cargo and fishing boats that were found in the area.  It showed how the boats were built with all sorts of active displays and had both the actual wreaks and replicas on display.  It may not have been what we expected but I found it very interesting.

After that we went up into the town to Roskilde Domkirke - the cathedral.  It is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is the place where the kings and queens of Denmark are buried.  It really is a gorgeous cathedral with amazing mausoleums and brilliant sculpture.  We spent ages wandering around.

We were very weary by this stage so stopped for some coffee (and a pretty ordinary slice of cake) before heading back to Copenhagen.

Tonight we have had a bit of a rest then headed out for some food.  I have to say we are all looking somewhat weary following yesterday's festivities but it has still been a great day.

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