Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A real Danish

The restorative effects of sleep were greatly appreciated today with a proper sleep in, but once up we headed out and on the tourist track again.

Today we were lucky enough to get tickets for a guided tour of the Danish Parliament.  It is situated in the Christiansborg Palace.  The tour was great, we learnt about the way the parliament works, the changes in the constitution over time and even the building.  They have this amazing lift which is on a continuous cycle.  Imagine 16 boxes half going up, half going down, when they get to the bottom or top they slide over.  They don't stop so you can see people really timing their entry and exit.

After the tour we headed to the rest of the palace.  It isn't occupied but the state rooms are still used by the royal family for state events.  Again it was hard not to compare it to some of the other palaces we have seen.  Interestingly however the building is less than a 100 years old.  It had burned down - for the second time.  The palace has been burned down, demolished and extended numerous times.  The rooms were beautiful and very different including some very modern tapestries.

After the palace we decided to head back to the apartment for a rest - but we did stop for a Danish pastry on the way.  It wasn't the prettiest danish I've ever seen but it was incredibly tasty.  Beautiful flaky pastry, a delicious custard filling and topped with flaked almonds.  It is no doubt the first of many to be consumed.

Tonight we headed out with all of S's family for dinner.  It was a great meal and lovely to spend time with them all.  But that said we are both looking forward to another good night's sleep.

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