Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Day

There is a phenomenon I've noticed when travelling, somehow you seem to run out of a bit of oomph in the last couple of days.  Lethargy hit us today and we let it.  A glorious long sleep in, a lazy process to get up, an un-action packed day to say the least.

The weather is quite cool with a fairly icy breeze, I think it is just aclimatising us before we go back to Canberra.  It feels quite strange to layer up with jumpers and coats when only a week or so ago we were sweltering.  But it made for decent walking weather when we finally got ourselves out and about.

We started with a Danish hot dog which we had been told we must eat.  As hot dogs go it was tasty, however it didn't live up to the that amazing kransky in Prague.

We then headed into the city for some more random wanderings.  I've been needing a watch for ages and had been eying off Skagen watches.  Being a Danish brand I had hoped it would be the best range and cheapest here.  The range was huge but the prices are almost exactly the same as Australia.  However given I can get a fairly hefty tax back at the airport, I now own a lovely new watch.  Now that is a good souvenir!

Afternoon tea was another danish (sorry we keep eating them before thinking of taking a picture).  This was a cinnamon and apple one.  Again not the prettiest of danishes but yum - as they say, never judge a book by its cover.

S's family are headed off to continue their holiday tomorrow so we had one final dinner together and left them to their packing.  Tomorrow hopefully we will gain a second wind and actually be tourists again.

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  1. I think all good holidays need some lazy days. All that travelling is hard work - and you have clearly been busy in the lead up to your 'lazy' patch! Danish's sound perfect for relaxing too.