Saturday, June 11, 2011


In our ongoing search for Canberra's best burger, I finally managed to get S out to Brodburger during its opening times.  It is open for lunch from 12-2 Tuesday to Sunday and dinner from 5.30 till late Wednesday - Saturday.

Brodburger is a small red caravan that serves delicious burgers by the lake.  The thing that they are particularly known for is the quality of ingredients and the choice of cheeses as topping.  You can have swiss, brie or blue cheese.  I really like the blue cheese, but it isn't S's favourite, so we opted to share a Brodburger with brie.

You go to Brodburger for great food, not speedy service.  I think we waited about 45 minutes but as S says, it was totally worth it.

Waiting gives you a chance to wander down to the lake, where the inquisitive swans will come over to check out if you are going to feed them burger.  Actually the availability of burgers and fries attracts large numbers of birds, mainly magpies and seagulls.  As we were some of the last customers eating our burger we ended up with quite a surrounding, it was a little like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and in fact I was gesturing with some fries and mentioning this when a magpie flew between us, snatching the fries from my fingers which was somewhat of a surprise!

When finally our number - lucky number 8 - was called and our Brodburger and fries was ready we were super ready to eat it, having been sniffing the delicious smells of other burgers for quite some time.  The fries were thin fries, quite tasty and well salted, but not particularly remarkable.  However the burger, oh the burger.  A gorgeous juicy beef patty, covered in gooey melted brie, accompanied with aioli, tomato relish, fresh tomato and gourmet lettuce makes for one amazingly delicious burger.

Brodburger has been a source of much consternation for the National Capital Authority.  For some reason, the little red caravan and the swarms of happy patrons do not fit with their idea of an appropriate thing to have by the lake.  For years, it has been threatened with being shut down and customers have been signing petitions etc.  Just recently however they announced that come Spring, the owners will take over the cafe at the Glassworks and the red caravan will be retired.  They promise shorter waiting times and actual tables to sit at rather than the coppers log car park markers, however I will miss the caravan and the lake surroundings.  I say, get in while you can, but then follow them on.  Those burgers deserve a following!

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  1. I completely agree... I love the Brod, and the wait by the lake is part of the experience. I will miss its current location when it moves.