Saturday, June 18, 2011


I like to think of myself as a bit of a handy woman.  I can put up a painting - even space them evenly along a wall.  I can put together furniture, paint a wall, work in the garden.  But when it comes to actual construction, well that is a bit beyond me.

Recently I noticed that my pergola had suddenly sprung out with rot.  It must have been hiding under the paint because the whole structure was riddled with it.  What to do?  I knew the job was beyond me but I have some very handy friends so I put out the call and today, three of my fantastic friends turned up to help me demolish then rebuild.

A bit of the rot, it was much worse at the base.

Demolishing turned out to be very easy as it really was covered in rot.  We all agreed that it was basically being held in place by "structural" shade cloth and paint!

The super construction team!

And then the construction began.  Power tools were brought out, I even got to play with the power drill!

The crew worked really well, in just a few hours we went from piles of splintered, rotten timber to a brand new, solid and stable construction.  I couldn't have done it without them, they were brilliant and I'm so thrilled with the result.  It still needs to be painted and have shadecloth added (which is just for shade not structural integrity now) but it no longer threatens to fall down on anyone.

What a fantastic day's work.

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