Friday, June 24, 2011

Saving - how not to do it

In theory I'm on a savings kick.  I say in theory because somehow I keep forgetting and my savings aren't doing that well at all.  I blame internet shopping.  It is so easy to just have a little browse over lunch and with the strong Aussie dollar everything seems like such a bargain.

So while the savings plan may not be working well, but my mail is very exciting as I much prefer the packages that arrive to the the credit card statements that follow.

This week a lovely package arrived from ASOS.  One of the things I love (and hate) about internet shopping is opening the package with bated breath to work out if what I ordered is as good as it looked online.  This week's ASOS package was filled with winners, brilliant items that really do look great.

Image from ASOS - this is a model not me!

Today I'm wearing this ASOS Ponti fit and flare boat neck dress.  It is so gorgeous.  Of course being Canberra in winter I'm wearing it layered over a thermal top with some lovely Jonathon Aster lace stockings and an ASOS bow belt.  I adore having a new outfit to wear, it is so exciting it just puts me in the best mood all day.  Maybe saving is overrated!

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