Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Bacon Tax

Today as I sat at my desk happily eating lunch a colleague emerged from his office. 

Colleague: What are you eating that smells so delicious
Me: Pasta bake
Colleague: It must be full of great stuff
Me: Oh yeah, lots of vegies, plus cheese and bacon.
Colleague: Bacon!  I thought we banned that for smelling too yummy.

This lead to a long discussion which ended in him deciding we should have an office bacon tax.  Basically he thinks if you are going to bring food into the office that smells more delicious that your colleagues' boring sandwiches you should be taxed.  Like a swear jar, the bacon profits could then be plowed into providing those with boring lunches a treat to make them happier.

Of course we couldn't limit it to bacon, it would need to be expanded to include the curries another colleague is famous for and raisin toast.  Oh and hot chips, the list goes on.

What tempting food smells should your colleagues be taxed for?


  1. Alas, I would have to smack you with a bacon fine! After spending 18 months working in a cafe in my teenage years making endless bacon and egg breakfasts, I can't stand the stuff...

    But I would ban anyone with delicious-smelling lunch desserts who refuses to share!

  2. Ah, funny :) Sometimes I can smell our neighbour's dinner cooking, which is always irritating when it smells better than ours!

  3. Hannah, so far dessert type things tend to be shared in our office, but if someone was hoarding one, I would definitely agree!

    Kari, I so agree. The smell of a BBQ in particular drives me crazy because I've got no space to have one.

  4. I would come up with an answer, but now I'm too busy fantasizing about bacon.

  5. Megan, the list is growing. As of yesterday pesto is on it once again because of my lunch. I just think he needs to bring in more interesting sandwiches.