Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Listography - Guilty Pleasures

Kate Takes 5's listography this week is all about guilty pleasures.  You know, the things you love but are slightly embarrassed to admit.  Ok, deep breath, here is my list:

1. Melting chocolate in the microwave and eating it with a spoon
Yeah, I really do sometimes do this.  My sister and I used to do it when we were kids, I still do, I bet she does too.  Add a cup of tea or a glass of red wine - bliss.

2. And on the topic, anything containing melted cheese
I adore cheese, but it is so much better melted.  For parties I make this thing where I basically cook a brie in the oven so it is melted on the inside.  I recently saw an episode of "Cheese Slices" (it is a travel show about cheese - I kid you not) where they cut a massive wheel of cheese in half, then had a special gadget that melted the cut side which they scrapped it off onto bread to eat, then they put it back under the element, remelted it, etc.  S and I turned to each other and unanimously agreed we needed that device.

3. Pop Music
If I'm asked what kind of music I like I will talk about jazz, 60's rock, opera, etc.  But you know, I really love a bit of pop every now and then.  It is even better if it is from the 80's.  Kylie, George Michael, the Bangles, boy bands, god help me, I will even sing along to the Spice Girls.

4. Shoes
I refuse to count my shoes for fear that it will incriminate me.  Lets just put it this way, I have to do a seasonal rotation as they won't all fit in the cupboard and the special going out shoes are in a whole other storage space.  And now I've decided I want to wear flats more, so I guess I will have to buy a whole lot of new ones!

5. Long Hot Showers
I don't feel quite so guilty about this one as we are having reasonable rainfall at the moment, but particularly when the drought was bad I felt guilty about using so much water.  But I love a long shower, not only does it wake me up, it relaxes me and definitely improves my mood - just ask the colleagues who had to put up with me the other day when the temperature hit -8 overnight and my hot water pipe froze so I couldn't have my wake up shower.

So what are your guilty pleasures?


  1. Great list,Lisa!

    I love hot showers too. They aren't just a pleasure, they're essential for life.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. With you on showers.... OH always gets upset by how long I spend it there.. and cannot function if I haven't had a shower!
    Fab list!

  3. Love it! And I couldn't help laughing because I read #1 and thought "I'm exactly the same, and I also love melting cheese in the microwave and eating it with my fingers"... then I read #2 :P

    I also don't feel ready in the morning without a shower, but I can't have long ones. I feel so guilty!

  4. It seems I've hit a common thread with long, hot showers! Hannah, I must admit, most of the time my mornings don't allow for longs ones, so I only feel guilty on the weekend. Which I solve by eating melted cheese on toast.

  5. I'm right there with you on the first two. If I didn't finish the melted chocolate I would stick it in the fridge to eat later. And the quickest melted cheese fix I get is sticking a tortilla covered in cheese under the grill for 1minute - instant gooey cheese wrapped up nicely.

  6. Oh that tortilla idea sounds delicious CC11! I think I might have to give it a go.