Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

When I was a child I had a book about a little girl looking out her window on a grey, rainy day.  Everything she can see is shades of grey, except in an abandoned lot across the street there is a bright flower.  She puts on her raincoat, goes out and picks the flower.  She brings it home and they set the table with all sorts of brightly coloured things with the flower in the middle and have a lovely warm dinner.

On grey wet days I often think of that story and how from a very early age it taught me to find the happy, bright things in what can be a sad grey world.

Today is a grey, wet day with showers and cold wind, but as I looked out the window I spied not a bright flower but Little Red Riding Hood.  In reality Little Red Riding Hood was probably about 80 but her jaunty bright red coat and hood against the grey day was so cheerful it made me smile instantly.

I hope you have found a bright moment in your day today!

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  1. What a fantastic book. I think we need more children's books like that! I never came across it, but I might just adopt the analogy.