Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wet Paint

The building that my office is in is being painted.  Finally the hideous shades of yellow with a green trim which has always clashed with the pink and grey tiles will be gone - apparently to be replaced with shades of charcoal.  I'm hoping it is an improvement, but given that they just seem to be painting right over the old stuff without stripping it back, I think the opportunity for the green to come through again is high.

All of which means that once I step out of the office door I step into a world of wet paint.  I don't know what it is about a wet paint sign but as soon as I see it, I just want to touch the paint.  It is like when someone puts a dish on the table and says "be careful it is hot" honestly you just know half of the people at the table are going to want to poke it.

I feel a bit like a naughty child, tempted to do what is banned.  I wonder if I'm alone in this, or does everyone want to touch what they are told not to?


  1. I think it is the need to just really check it's wet.... You know, in case the sign writer was telling fibs.

  2. If you do touch it, you could just blame it being high from the fumes ;)