Friday, August 5, 2011

Snapshots of the week

Many things have been making me smile this week, here are a few snapshots:

Blackforest Log from the Flute Bakery - chocolate cake topped with morello cherries, cherry mousse and white chocolate mouse.  Accompanied by choc mint and raspberry macroons.
Washing that was dried in the sun and unseasonably (but delightfully) warm temperatures.  And yes, I do iron my pillowcases and doona cover.
Going home while the sun is up!  The days are finally long enough that I get to admire the sunset over the lake while I drive home.
The first signs of spring


  1. Beautiful blossom on bare braches is one of my favourite images of Winter - it gives me hope that there are warmer days ahead!

    Incidentally, I ironed pillowslips for the very first time just the other day. It was worth it!

  2. Katie - ironed pillowcases are one of life's luxuries that I can afford. I cant put into words how much nicer they are.

    SSG - thank you! I'm trying to remember to take photos of things, I meant to photograph last night's dinner but only remembered after it was eaten! You have a happy Friday too.

  3. Oh, signs of Spring! That fill me, too, with utter joy!

  4. Isn't it gorgeous Hannah! Today started all miserable, and ended up all gorgeous. There are even daffodils coming out in my garden. So exciting.