Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mini Break

Last weekend I had a lovely mini-break as S showed me around his hometown of Adelaide.  Here are a few of the fun and quirky sights from the trip.

One of the gorgeous bridges over the Torrens.  There is loads of lovely architecture in Adelaide, particularly in the centre and I spent all weekend spotting beautiful buildings.

A fun sculpture in the middle of Rundle Mall.  That is an actual rubbish bin.  There are several pigs in the area, each one with a name, this is Oliver.

Some excellent graffiti art.

A beautiful glass bowl at the Jam Factory.  The Jam Factory is a collection of studios, galleries and a shop.  They produce glass, metal, wood, pottery, and jewellery works.

The Jam Factory was open for a special family day.  There were demonstrations, kimchi pancakes and the choir in a box.  You popped one of those cardboard coins into the slot and a great choir would sing.  It was brilliant.  S and I are still theorising on just how many people were in that box.

The South Australian Art Gallery.  A gorgeous space with fantastic art on display.

Chips with mayo at the Belgium Beer Cafe.  I just loved the paper cone the chips came in and the fact that they had little wooden stands just perfect for holding the cone and a decent serve of deliciously garlicky mayo.  Neither of us had a beer, that is cider in the background.

An empty mike just waiting for a comic.  A great night was had at the Comix Comedy Club.  I've never been to a comedy club before, we had a fantastic time, even if our proximity to the stage made us targets for comedians looking for young lovers to pick on.

The lighthouse at Port Adelaide.  It was a beautiful day, just perfect for strolling around the port.

Ancient stenciling.  We just don't have buildings this old in Canberra.  But also check out the name of the solicitor above.  Is that not a perfect name for a lawyer?

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