Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flash Mobs

I love a good flash mob.

The people who think the idea up and coordinate the group are brilliant.  The participants of a good one are clearly committed.  But the thing I really love is the expressions of absolute wonder and joy you get on people's faces as they are surprised by whatever fantastic performance suddenly and unexpectedly leaped into their day.

That is the thing about a flash mob, it is about people creating entertainment for other people for no material gain.  It is entertainment of the purest sort and a movement that I hope never dies out.

I got sent a link to this footage of the Copenhagan Philharmonic playing Ravel's Bolero this morning.  It is sooo worth watching, from the brilliant opening of a conductor conducting a single snare drum, to the full might of the orchestra.  And the expressions on the faces of those watching is just magnificent.  The dawning realisation that this is not just busking, the kids entranced by the music, the parents conducting along and the one lady at the end just standing looking about her as the musicians disappear, clearly with no idea what just happened.

If you need to smile today, take 5 minutes and watch this, it really is guaranteed to make you feel good.


  1. That sounds fabulous - on my way to go watch!

  2. This is quite brilliant as it is one of the most famous and important pieces of music ever written. Thanks for sharing the video Lisa!