Monday, September 5, 2011

My friend the Internet

When Internet and I first met I had the feeling we would be friends.  Here was a place I could find stuff out for assignments and contact my flesh and blood friends.  Over the years, Internet and I have grown up together, developed new interests, new connections, new ways of doing things - like shopping.

For a while I worried about buying things online, would my identity be stolen, would things arrive, would I become some sad, sorry statistic that my IT savvy friends laugh about?  But eventually I got into the groove and now I do a vast amount of my shopping with my good friend Internet.  Last year nearly everyone's Christmas presents came from the cyber realm as does things as random as my perfume and wine supplies.

But it is my wardrobe that is benefiting most from this friendship.  I've become a bit disillusioned by the high prices, limited range and poor quality that I find in so many Australian shops.  I think I've bought one item of clothing in an actual bricks and mortar store this year, despite many hours of wandering them.  Instead online shopping has captured me.

One of the things about an online purchase, however, is the delayed gratification.  You browse, mull, select and pay, then ... nothing happens.  Not for a little while at least - well other than the credit card bill arriving.  But then, almost like a surprise, the mail arrives and with it a parcel and even though I know that I paid for the contents, it is like a present.

Today a present arrived in the form of a parcel from ASOS.  It had two dresses that will be perfect as the spring weather warms up and a fantastic skirt for tango.  My good old friend Internet, you really are the best!


  1. I remember when we first got the internet, and I was certain (as a mid-teenager) that I could never, ever be bored again. How could I, with a never ending selection of sites to browse? :)

    I have also got into online shopping, although I confess I'm still wary with clothes (I find it hard to judge how things will fit / look!). Books, though, and presents, are great bought online - albeit guilt inducing when Borders went out of business :/

  2. It took me awhile with clothes, the tips I find are to know your measurements and find sites with good size charts, check the returns policy and buy things that you know will suit you. I am probably less style adventurous online, although I'm becoming more comfortable with sending things back.

    I still can't buy shoes though, the need to feel the actual fit is too important.

  3. I love the internet too! Not least for the online shopping. Although I'm kind of the opposite, I don't like the 'surprise' of an item turning up after I've almost forgotten about it - I actually usually react with a, "oh crap, I bought that, now what do I do with it."

    I think that says more about my impulse buying than the internet though :/

  4. riotersbloc, I must admit last Christmas because I did all my shopping online there was a parcel about every second day and I would get things and be looking at the box going "what on earth is this". Still it made for the least stressful Christmas I've had in years.