Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You never know till you ask...

There is that old saying, you never know till you ask.  Well the last few weeks have certainly proved that to me.

As I've written about before, this October I'm organising a charity dance event, Rock your Frock to raise funds for ovarian cancer research.  I'm hoping it is going to be a great night, there will be plenty of good music, lots of dancing, I'm planning a fun activity or two, plus there is the chance that there will be men in dresses.  And you always know that the minute a man puts on a skirt, it is going to be a good night.

As the weeks have passed, the planning has gone on and it has started to come together.

However the most amazing thing has happened - free stuff has started rolling in.  I just asked people and the next thing I knew, I got the venue for free, the sound and lighting equipment for free, and all of a sudden it meant that every dollar that comes in the door can go straight to charity.

But the generosity that has really knocked my socks off has been the prizes, oh my goodness the prizes.  I was hoping to be able to gather a few prizes together so that I could have a raffle, or maybe even a silent auction.  I really hoped that some of the dance schools who were attending would donate a prize, and they sure did - at last count 4 dance schools have confirmed prizes and I think there might be one or two more still to come.  Spurred on I started asking around ... and then the prizes really started rolling in!

There is the gorgeous handbag, the flowers, the jewellery, chocolates from Koko Black, a massage, tickets to The Stomp, HP donated 2 (!!!) photo printers and an X-box!  To be honest, it is all slightly overwhelming and completely humbling.

A month out from the event, I'm getting so excited, surely with this much goodwill we are guaranteed a fantastic night.

If you are Canberra based, or will be in Canberra that weekend, do come along.  The details are:

Rock your Frock - the Frocktober Dance Party
Saturday 15 October 2011
7pm - late
German Harmonie Club, Jerrabomberra Avenue, Narrabundah
Cost $10, tickets at the door with all proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


  1. Congratulations on your excellent planning!!
    That is lovely so many companies have been so ready and willing to help you out - it's fantastic that now all the proceeds can go to charity!!

    I probably won't be in Canberra that weekend, but my flatmate might be, so I'll give her the heads up!


  2. That is so refreshing :) I am sometimes blown away by how generous people can be, and how society can actually function in a coming-together-for-the-good-of-others sort of way. It's lovely.

    I hope you have a wonderful night when it comes! And congratulations on organising something for such an important cause :)

  3. Thanks Michaela, definitely do tell your flatmate. I'm just thrilled that all the money is going straight to the charity.

    Kari it is refreshing. I think people are more generous than we give them credit for, lots of people just never think to ask!

  4. Don't forget I want to do a story! A xx

  5. I haven't forgotten Amanda, a press release is coming your way!