Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lace Tights

Today I'm wearing my Jonathan Aston "Sweet Roses" lace tights.  The picture is not me, somehow I thought it really would step over the limit of office comradery to ask one of the guys to take a picture of my legs.  Seriously, that would have to be some kind of office harassment case waiting to happen.  Also I'm wearing a work appropriate knee length skirt so the picture gives you a much better idea of what they look like.

Anyway, I LOVE these tights.  That is right LOVE - with capital letters.  I spent more on them than I've ever spent on a pair of tights, but luckily they seem to wear very well so are actually decent value on a per wear basis.  They definitely good value on a per comment basis.  Every time I wear them I'm bound to get a comment.  I wore them out on the weekend a couple of weeks ago and got 6 comments, including 3 random strangers who stopped me in shops to comment.  Now that is one hard working pair of tights!

But mostly I just love how they make even a rather ordinary work outfit a bit girly and special.  They are lace, with roses and a backseam.  What more could I ask for?  They also remind me that sometimes it is ok to spend a bit more on something special because they make me feel great - does that make me shallow?


  1. I love these tights too, and I've only just seen them :) I don't have any fancy pairs (although you're making me think I should) but tend to use scarves the same way...they take boring to a little more fun.

  2. They are gorgeous!! You only live one, it's definitely worth spending a little extra on something you feel fab in :)

  3. Kari, they are totally worth it. Both Meyer and DJ's stock them. I also love scarves, I put a tea towel rail inside my cupboard door to hold my collection and ended up with so many there that the door wouldn't close! I've since rationalised them.

    Elyse - I totally agree, it really is worth making yourself feel fab!

  4. That sounds fabulous. And that exact problem is why multiple coworkers have walked in to find me taking photos of myself in the bathroom mirror.

    Which actually presents its own problems.

  5. Megan it is all about training the colleagues into believing what they see is normal. Mine don't even bat an eye if they catch me dancing in a corner of the office, but I'm not sure that I want to train them into taking photos of my legs, that could just get weird.