Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Word Bubbles - I'm addicted

Just a quick one today to alert you to my new addiction - word bubbles.  It is awesome, you get 3 letters and 60 seconds to make as many words as you can starting with those letters.  For someone with mild dyslexia in the form of a serious inability to spell (as you may sometimes notice on this blog) it is probably quite good for me.  At least I tell myself that when I swear I'm only having one more game.

It also makes me wonder how my brain works when the letters nec come up and I thought of necrophilia before I thought of neck. 

Do try it, just be prepared for hours to have gone by without notice:

1 comment:

  1. These are the sort of games that suck me right in, and spit me out an hour later in a cross-eyed state of "what, I thought I'd only played for 2 minutes?!". But as you say, they're probably good for us! Cross-eyed state aside...