Monday, March 28, 2011

Autumn in Canberra

Autumn is such a spectacularly beautiful time in Canberra.  Clear blue skies, gorgeous multi-coloured trees, warm days, cool nights and the afternoons have a particularly golden light that makes everything just a little more lovely.

This coming weekend daylight saving will end and very soon it will be dark by the time I head out of the office, so this week I'm making an extra special effort to notice the beautiful afternoons and lovely light as I head home for the day.  My drive past the lake, now lined with gold and red trees and lit by the soft evening sunshine will be all the more appreciated in the knoweldge that I won't be seeing it for very many more days.  The avenue of trees I drive down is extra beautiful as the leaves turn knowing that soon they will be bare branches against the sky (not that it isn't beautiful in its own way).

This Autumnal beauty might be fleeting, but I'm sure enjoying it while it lasts.

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