Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Cross Buns

I had the fortune (or misfortune depending on your perspective) to attend an Anglican school where along with our regular subjects once a week we had a religion class.  I may not be a believer but I find religion very interesting, so I actually quite enjoyed learning about the bible for a couple of years, followed by having a smattering of information on various other religions (although I do doubt the school's sincerity in introducing us to other religions, I think Islam got as much attention as the Moonies and Jonestown). 

In fact my interest was such that one year I actually won the prize for religion in my year.  I think you could have knocked my parents over with a feather when I came home with that news.  I'm pretty sure I was also the reason the school stopped letting students pick their own book prize when I chose the Time-Life Book of Things That Never Were.  My teacher was slightly appalled, I thought it was very appropriate and it is a great book, I still have it.

While I have forgotten much of what I learned in religion (and in school for that matter) I did pick up a few nuggets of information along the way.  One of them is that in lent, you are meant to give up things.  I however, not being a Christian have instead chosen to adopt an extra thing in lent - hot cross buns.

Hot cross buns these days seem to make it into the shops even before new year's eve.  I love them but my mother taught me long ago that one of the things that keeps things special is scarcity, so instead of indulging from January, I wait for lent to tick over, then I get stuck in.  Only having them for a few weeks makes them that much more special and something I look forward to each year.

As I was away on holiday I missed pancake day and the start of lent, so today was my first hot cross bun.  I know there is much debate about who makes the best ones, I really like Woolworths ones!  They don't have mixed peel but they do have a good ratio of sultanas to bread.  And the cross isn't super hard.  However I'm always prepared to try a new one, so I may have to give a few different bakeries a go.

Mmmm, I have a delicious few weeks ahead!

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  1. You know, you could easily make your own buns, packed full of tasty fruit and spice... they are divine straight out of the oven and fill your house with delicious baking smells. On the other hand, perhaps this is one of the little luxuries you prefer others to create for you to indulge in?