Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Time

I've had the most fantastic two weeks away discovering Vietnam and Cambodia.  They are both such fascinating and wonderful countries.  Despite dark and devastating pasts, the people seemed so friendly and welcoming to visitors.  The scenery was beautiful and the food amazing.

But one of the things I most love about a holiday, a different country and a change of scenery is how appreciative of home it makes you.

The comfort of your own bed, you own bathroom and different clothes other than what you can cram in a pack.  The joy of being able to drink water from the tap or wash your toothbrush under it.  And the familiar things like weetbix for breakfast, a cup of plain old ordinary tea, even just being able to grab the right note out of your wallet without having to do a close examination.

Even cooking your own dinner or doing the laundry is fun after you have been away (even if that wears off pretty quickly).

But the best part of being home - the people.  Reconnecting with my loved ones.  Now that is what being home is all about.

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