Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy News!

Last night, later than I would usually expect it, the phone rang.  I immediately simultaneously thought:

(a) its an emergency
(b) Dad has not looked at the clock
(c) it must be my best friend ringing from England

The answer was C!  It is always lovely to hear her voice but last night there was an extra air of excitement in it.  I had an inkling of what it could be so I crossed my fingers, hoped for the best and she blurted out that she is pregnant! 

I'm so thrilled for them, they are going to make fantastic parents and I know this child could not be more wanted by a more loving family.  I could hear the smile on her face through the joy in her voice, and it has made me smile all day too.

I remember thinking how grown up we all were when we got drivers licences.  Then moving out of home seemed to be the recipe for adulthood.  When people started getting married I really felt like we had reached maturity, but once people start having babies, well that is a whole extra level of grown-up-ness.  And yet, somehow I suspect that even when we are old and grey and those babies are adults ourselves, we will still be trying to work out how to be grownups.

So today has been a super happy day through shared joy!

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