Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was dark when I woke up, which made it somewhat tricky to pry myself from my oh so comfortable bed when I'm still getting over travel tiredness. But when I did surface I found that a lovely thick fog was the cause of much of the gloom.

I love fog, the way it mutes colours, softens the edges, seems to make everything just that little quieter and more gentle.  Like a soft focus on a camera lens, everything seems to come out just a bit more beautiful.

One of my favourite views in the whole world is the view down lake Burley Griffin, when the trees have turned gold, and the fog hangs low over the early morning rowers and swans.  It is one of the signs of the glorious change of seasons.

This afternoon rain showers have passed over the city - I think we will be in for another fog tomorrow.

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