Saturday, March 26, 2011

Improving my education

It may be that I've led a somewhat sheltered life but I've never seen a stripper in the flesh (so to speak) before. That is until tonight and now I feel quite educated.

S and I went out for a dance tonight only to find our chosen venue closed for a private function. So we headed over the road to what is normally a funky, quiet cocktail bar. But tonight it had been taken over by a moulin rouge themed hen's party. We found ourselves a seat at the other end of the bar and had just got our cocktails when the first stripper arrived. He was clad in a fireman outfit and S helpfully changed seats so I could see better.

I have to say as a dancer I just wasn't that impressed. True he was fairly nicely put together but his poorly timed gyrations did little for me. A while later the music began pumping again and S commented there was now a cop in the house. I checked it out and commented that unless I was very much mistaken this new stripper was a woman! It seemed to be a very enlightened hen's party catering for all tastes.

So now I guess I've had a view of both sides of the stripping world. What an educational night.

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