Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I work in the kind of industry where there isn't a lot of organised professional development. It isn't the kind of thing where you can do courses or further education to much effect, so instead, I try to go to networking events and events where they have speakers who you can learn from.

I'm regularly hugely inspired by the people I hear talk. Their experiences, lessons learnt, trials and tribulations all inspire me to try something new when the opportunity arises.

Today I went to a talk by Louise Curtis. She is a Canberra business woman who took her idea of chocolate bouquets, and has turned it into Australia's fastest ever growing franchise business, Lollypotz. She was so inspiring. I don't know that I could ever work the 17 hour days that she does with two small children, but hearing how she could take her idea and make it a reality was great.

It is those stories that keep me working on my dreams and ambitions.

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