Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shiny wheels

There are some things that are really worth paying for.

Faux Fuchsia recently wrote on her blog about having her oven professionally cleaned which sounds heavenly to me, but I'm still scrubbing mine myself.

I however, today forked out and had my car detailed! A team of men vacuumed, scrubbed, wiped and polished and now my car is cleaner than it has been since I drove it out of the dealership. In half an hour they did what would take me half a day, and not only that but I could do errands while it was happening.

I was chatting with some friends recently who had decided to get a cleaner for their house. They had looked at the cost and decided, not only could they afford it, but that given the extra time it would give them on the weekend, which made it really valuable. Sometimes I think we forget our own value in the equation of what a service is worth.

So I say, value yourself! That dinner you are cooking, it has the value of your time and effort, so every now and then, invest in yourself and eat out. Or like I did, consider the value of outsourcing some cleaning, I know that I'm going to enjoy my nice clean car hugely.

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