Friday, September 17, 2010

That winning feeling!

I don't usually go about proclaiming my achievements, but last night something really exciting happened so I am going to talk about it.

I was invited to a dinner by the Australian Computer Society. It turned out to be their annual awards night and I was there because I had won an award!

The award I won was the inaugural Leoni Warne Promotion of Women in ICT Commemorative Medal. I've spent the last 6 or so years involved with WIC an organisation that promotes and supports women in the Canberra ICT community. When I first joined, the group was almost bankrupt and without even a complete list of members. I worked very hard with a whole heap of talented women to get the group up and thriving and over the last few years have introduced some new events and activities and was the group's president for 3 years.

I worked with Leoni to align WIC with the Australian Computer Society - a great move for both the organisations. As well as having had a distinguished career in her own right, Leoni had been a long term campaigner for women in the industry. So to have received an award in her name, presented by her husband last night was a huge honour.

Even nicer has been everyone else's reaction. I've had lots of compliments from friends and family, including my very proud family. My Dad turned up at the office with a beautiful azalea in a pot and a couple of bottles of champagne for everyone to share. I have to say, nothing moves a Friday along quite like a glass or two of champagne at 11am!

What an exciting couple of days it has been.

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