Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The taste of the flute

No food blogs all week, then two in a row!

Today is a colleague's birthday so I made my way out to my spiritual home, The Flute Bakery. Predictable yes, but honestly, it is just so faaaaaabulous!

She wanted chocolate, so I got her this stunning mud cake. Have you ever seen a mud cake look like this? It was so delicious, I often find mud cake a bit too heavy, but this was super rich without hitting that sickly note you often get in a mud cake - wowsers.

I also got myself a pear galette. I've written about their amazing puff pastry before and it is like an addiction, I can't go out there without getting something flaky and crispy.

In what may prove to be a dangerous move, I've also got myself their pre-order list. You can't pre-order everything they make, but the 20 options are a pretty amazing selection. I'm serious people, if you are in Canberra on a weekday, get your self out to Fyshwick and try the heaven that is the Flute Bakery.

Disclaimer, I am in no way connected to the Flute, except by a growing and possibly serious addiction to their pastry.

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