Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A clean and tidy desk

My desk is clean and tidy! By which I mean you can actually see desk again and said desk has been spray and wiped so the layers of accumulated grot are gone.

I'm a hoarder, I can't help it, I think it is genetic from Dad. But I really love things to be clean and tidy and in their place, also genetic, Mum's side. These two sides of my personality do not necessarily sit well together. I hoard and hate myself for it and then in a fit of peak, I clean and throw stuff out. I guess it makes me a paper bulimic.

The end of the year is always particularly bad for the hoarder. With everyone super busy and looming end of year deadlines, there are excuses galore for why filing isn't done. Paper mountains grow, including ridiculous things like envelopes, old newspapers and magazine supplements which should all be thrown away the minute they arrive.

But that is where January's calming influence is so wonderful. Time is suddenly available and enthusiasm renewed from the break. So I have filed (properly, even making file name tags), sorted, disposed of, organised, cleaned and now I sit in a little haven of quiet calm. I feel at peace with the office and I have sworn (as I do every year) that I will maintain this tidy gorgeousness. Ahhh the serenity.

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