Thursday, January 20, 2011

The family jewels

I've been lucky enough to inherit quite a bit of jewelery. While some of it is worth something it is maily special because of sentimental value, in memories of my grandmothers wearing it.

But there are a few pieces that I don't remember them ever wearing which I still treasure as something that ties me to my family. Today I wore two of those things. The first is some antique pearl earrings. I don't ever remember my grandmother wearing them but I know that they belonged to her mother. I'm the 4th generation for those earrings, what changing times they must have seen.

The other is a "pearl" necklace, 4 strands graduating from white to dark grey. Occasionally I get comments about my south sea pearls - I wish! They do look great but are definitely fake, in fact my Mum had them in the charity box before I rescued them. But with the earrings and the right outfit I look pretty swish if I do say so myself.

I love the jewelery I've received as gifts or bought over the years but I must say when I get out one of the old pieces, they are just that bit extra special.

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