Thursday, January 6, 2011

The King's Speech

I love a good movie and I've just seen a brilliant one. I know I'm by no means the first to rave about "The King's Speech" but it really is as fantastic as everyone is claiming it to be. As a friend said to me, the major elements of the story aren't really that surprising, it is history after all, but the story behind those events, of a man struggling with himself to be the king he wanted to be is compelling.

And the performances, well they are sublime. There is a lot of Oscar buzz about this movie and it really deserves it. Everyone is just pitch perfect, even the kids. Huge kudos as well to the director and cinematographer, as it looks beautiful and the use of camera angles to illustrate the the Kings feelings of intimidation when confronted by a microphone or a gathered crowd are brilliantly done.

This is one movie most definitely worth the price of the ticket.

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