Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This morning as I drove into work I went past a massive group of corellas. I don't remember seeing them before in Canberra, so seeing such a large flock was a lovely surprise (well lovely for me, the church whose conifers they were destroying might think differently.)

Corellas look a bit like a small cockatoo minus the yellow crest and they are equally as willful and mischievous.  This morning's flock were busily destroying a stand of conifers to get at the seeds, but in doing so were so cute.  They were hanging from trees, squabbling with each other, performing aerial gymnastics.  There was one really sweet one with a massive branch, running along the footpath, shooing all the other birds out of its way.  It honestly looked like it was running late for an appointment.

I love how birds, particularly parrots with their stumpy little legs, look when they run.  Waddling side to side, almost hoping, they look so clumsy, I always think to myself, you have wings, fly!  What a fun way to start the morning.

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