Saturday, January 22, 2011

So you remember that time Noah was pole dancing?

There are some images that once seen, will remain locked in your head forever.  For me, the image of someone dressed as Noah in a sheet from Vinnies and shiny nylon hair, pole dancing on a boat is one of those images.

Last night was the great K's 30th birthday and he had it on the "Pirate Party Boat".  Everyone donned high seas themed costumes and we sailed around the lake for hours, enjoying a BBQ, drinks, music and eventually as a result of the drinks and music, some impromptu pole dancing.

The costumes were many and varied.  There were several excellent pirates, quite a few sailors and members of the Admiralty, but there was also seaweed, a suba diver (complete with fins which made walking interesting) and of course, Noah.  Sourced from Vinnies, his costume was excellent, but it is his enthusiastic, if unskilled, pole dancing that will lock him in our memories forever.

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