Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new hope

A new year. New possibilities, new hopes, new wishes. The first of the year is when I usually find myself thinking of the year ahead and hoping for all that it might bring.

Newness was all around me today it seemed, even down to the luck of seeing a rosella feeding its baby. The parent had been chirruping at me to fill up the bird feeder - although from the lipstick stains on its beak it had obviously been helping itself to my parent's boysenberries! And I quickly realised why when my attention was drawn to it feeding a young one. Big enough to fly but still cloaked in the green feathers of a baby rosella, the sight of it really reinforced the feeling of this day in particular as being another beginning. It is such a privilege to see nature in its glory like that.

A new life, a fresh start, the future reaching out ahead. The perfect start to a new year.

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