Friday, January 14, 2011

Red Shoes

What is it that is so captivating about red shoes? It can't be a new phenomenon, after all Hans Christian Anderson wrote his story about them back in 1845 (if you haven't read it, they were not good shoes, even if they were fabulous). But there really is something beguiling about red shoes.

I'm pretty sure that you can present any woman with a bit of a shoe fetish (which lets face it is a rather large percentage of the population) with a red shoe and she will swoon. They draw comments like nothing else and everyone I know seems to remember getting her first pair of red sandals as a little girl.

I own 4 pairs, from ballet flats to boots and I would buy more in a heartbeat. I have consciously added red clothes and accessories to my wardrobe, just so I can wear them and even when they are not being worn, I just like to look at them brightening my wardrobe.

Today I'm wearing my favourite pair of red ballet flats. They have been loved, almost to death. In fact I've been rationing my wearing of them because they aren't going to last much longer. But every time I look down at my bright feet they make me happy.

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