Monday, January 3, 2011


I had lunch today with an old friend and her two gorgeous rambunctious kids. They are both bursting with energy but sat so nicely to eat lunch and an ice-cream later. In between they played hide and seek behind store displays, explored the space under sandwhich boards and made toys from fallen leaves.

I love watching that completely unselfconscious joy of life that kids have. The ability for anything to become a toy, any place a playground, regardless of how silly they may look or who might be watching. The happiness to hug someone who really is a stranger to them because they know she is their Mum's friend and they have decided to like her. It seems somehow the most honest of reactions.

It is a little sad to me that we lose that innocence as we grow, so to watch that freedom of honest expression in action for a few hours is always lovely.

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