Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blue Wren

I am just watching a blue wren hopping about my courtyard. I tried to take a photo but he refused to stay still long enough. He is so cute with his bright blue feathers and small gaggle of brown females and best of all he is cleaning up the insects.

My parents only live about 5 minutes away but the ajoin reserve parkland. As a result they have masses of birds while I, in townhouse land, have few. Mum keeps a book of all the ones she spots and has dozens listed. They also feed the magpies (which we have done for almost 20 years at this point so they are very tame) and the rosellas. Yesterday I popped up there and would have stood for at least 5 minutes watching the rosellas having a bath before they spotted me and yelled at me to fill up the bird feeder.

Anyway having grown up with that abundance of bird life means I really miss them and is why Mr Blue Wren's visit is making me smile.

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