Thursday, June 17, 2010

A cozy bed

It is cold, wet and windy today, so the perfect day to embrace the wonder that is an electric blanket.

Electric blankets seem to divide people. Some people seem to hate them with a passion. I put this down to urban myths relating to the old dodgy ones that could burn your house down. I however am at the opposite end of the spectrum. I think they are wonderful.

I have a fab one that has settings from 1-9, a boost function to get the bed nice and hot to jump into and a 12 hour setting which keeps you cozy all night. I really don't think there is much quite as comforting as getting into a lovely pre-heated bed - it is the perfect recipe for a good night's sleep.

Making me even more appreciative of it is that tonight is the CEO sleepout, where various CEO's, politicians, etc sleep out to get a bit more of an appreciation of what it is like to be homeless. I really find it hard to believe that in a country as affluent as Australia, there are still people who on a miserable night like tonight will be, have no place to go. It seems such a failure of society, and I'm proud to support social change when I can.

So tonight as I get to curl up in my heated bed while listening to the wind and rain outside, I'm really going to reflect on what a truly lucky pampered person I am and at my good fortune to be in this position.

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