Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That winning feeling!

I have had such an exciting day because - I WON A COMPETITION.

I need to start by explaining that normally I'm really not lucky. My Mum and sister are. They win on scratchies or little lotto prizes or other little things like that. Mum is particularly lucky, she wins raffles, has won a painting and has even won a couple of big prizes. In the 80's my parents built a house and after moving in were completely broke so couldn't afford curtains for the whole house. Well just then Mum won enough money to put in the curtains and even upgrade her nearly dead car. And then a few years ago on a terrible day spent at a hospital, Mum won a brand new car which my Dad still drives. So there is plenty of luck in my family, I just don't normally share in it.

Not that I don't try. I enter competitions as a hobby. Really, seriously. I am a dab hand at 25 words or less. Numerous charities have me on their mailing lists, I even subscribe to those Boystown house raffles. But up till now $2 on a scratchie was an amazing result.

But today, I got an email from the Vogue website where I won a competition and I get - wait for it - jewelery!!! No idea what it will be like, but I won it so I will love it. If you can't tell I'm on a real high right now!

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