Friday, June 18, 2010

Crunchy Days

Yesterday was cold, wet and windy, but as is often the case after rain, this morning proved to be one of those days when with the dust washed from the air, leaves and grass still gleaming with moisture and the sky clear and blue, the whole world seems just that little bit more in focus.

My colleague terms it a crunchy day. A day where the crispness of the air makes everything seem that bit cleaner, sharper and with a solid hard edge. It is an atmosphere thing.

In contrast I love those afternoons, especially towards the end of summer, when the late sun catches the dust in the air turning it gold. Everything looks softer, warm and gently burnished. There was an old Nescafe Gold ad which perfectly encompassed that warm, relaxed feel, you can imagine lazy days, sipping a cocktail as the the sun slips down, the golden light deepening into a summer twilight.

But the crystal clear of a cold, crunchy winter morning has a particular effect of making you feel just that little bit more alive, putting even distant hills into sharp focus. It is as though you have stepped out of a bubble into the real world and the cold air on your face only makes it more hyper real.

Today is a crunchy day, and I'm enjoying it enormously.

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