Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Unexpected Bargain

I went shopping at lunch, not for anything exciting, just a new polar fleece. But because I value warmth extremely highly, I decided I would fork out for an icebreaker fleece. If you haven't come across icebreaker before it is a New Zealand brand of 100% merino products, is gorgeous and lasts forever but is a little pricey. And while it is an attractive fleece, it is still really just a black, zip up top, so handing over hundreds of dollars always feels a little hard.

Anyway, Snowgum is having a 20% of sale for members, so I headed there, picked out my top and went to pay. I figured with my 20% off it was ok. As the assistant rang up the sale she asked if I had any reward points, I didn't think so but she checked and I had so many, that with the discount I ended up paying less than a third of the ticketed price!

What a surprise, I'm completely chuffed. Now I can enjoy the snuggly warmth of thick, soft, devine merino wool but can still afford to go out to dinner on Friday!

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