Monday, June 21, 2010

Nom, Nom, Nom

Today we had a staff meeting. We get lunch at staff meetings (I know, my workplace is fantastic) and usually it is sandwiches. I never make myself a sandwich but I do enjoy ones that are made for me.

But everyone was getting a little tired of sandwiches so this lunch we got pizza - and not any pizza, fantastic gourmet pizza from Debacle. For those who don't live in Canberra Debacle is a great pub that makes amazing food including really excellent pizzas. They do 2for1 pizzas on Tuesdays and the ques are huge. I used to work around the corner and am very familiar with their wonderful offerings. Before Debacle, I was a bit of a pizza racist, not happy with the mixing of the cultures, but they lured me into a love of tandoori chicken on pizza, and even won me over to seafood pizzas (who doesn't love a pizza with whole mussels in the shell on it).

So not only did I get lunch (I had forgotten it was staff meeting day, so getting lunch was already a great surprise) but I got a great lunch of gourmet pizza goodness. I would have taken a photo of the gorgeous array that arrived on the conference room table, but I work with a host of male engineers, and believe me, they didn't last long enough for a photo.

Luckily I'm dancing tonight, so will work off the slices but what a yummy surprise lunch!

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