Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Common Courtesy

Today I had lunch with my Mum. We were at a cafe that has a "penned in" area of tables and a few tables on the edge of the general pedestrian area. We were in the pen, but at the edge. Next to us on the outside were two women having lunch with a little boy who looked about 1. While they were eating, he threw a toy and a man walking along, stopped, picked it up and gave it back to the women.

Both Mum and I commented on how nice it was of him, before realising that we had just made special notice of what should be a common courtesy. It only took him a second to stop, but at the same time we also watched people going out of their way to step around a plastic bottle at the top of the escalator when the bin was right next to it.

So while the nice man gets a smile, everyone else gets a grrr - a bit more courtesy in the world would be very nice to see.

On a completely smiley note I wore a swishy skirt today. It makes me feel all girly and I love it. Plus it has pockets. You just can't go wrong with a skirt with pockets!

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