Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes ...

I really like shoes - no scratch that I love shoes.

Luckily I have the great fortune to share my love of shoes with several colleagues so that if I wear a particularly nice pair they are noticed. But more importantly it means my shoe calendar is appropriately admired. It is one of those picture a day types, except that each picture is a stunning shoe.

Having been off sick and then with the long weekend I got to admire several beauties this morning, the purple feather and wood sandals, the hot pink extremely high stilettos and the lime green 1960's sling backs

But the winner was today's shoe - a gorgeous 1940's stacked heel, peep toe slingback in navy suede with a pom pom on the toe. Completely outrageous and I would wear them in a second.

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