Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've had a quiet day today, because I had a fairly big night last night.

It was a cocktail party at J&R's place. They throw wonderful parties and J is a brilliant cocktail maker. She is very creative, makes jewelry, does calligraphy and paints, and she certainly lends all of that creative flair to her cocktails.

Given the cold weather the cocktails were winter themed. There was:

Hot buttered rum - oh yeah, so good
The Cure - a fantastic warm take on lemon, honey and whiskey with a few other ingredients in there
Mulled Wine - always a favourite
Plum Pudding - another warm cocktail based on plum pudding vodka which I make from this recipe.
Creme Brulee - I didn't try this as creamy cocktails aren't my thing but it was very popular

It was a wonderful night, lots of fun and a great indulgence.

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