Sunday, July 4, 2010

A guest for lunch

Today I had a picnic lunch, well a picnic kabab, by the lake. We sat in Weston Park by the Siev X memorial as swans waddled past a small mob of kangaroos grazed peacefully and fishermen drifted past. It was so peaceful there in the sun, still and quiet with just the sound of the birds.

And speaking of birds, no sooner had we sat down but a magpie jauntely came up to us to ask for some of our lunch. He must have been hand reared becuase he happily took lamb from my hand and wandered around us eyeing off the roll well within arm distance. He hopped around us begging scraps till the kababs were gone, then with a rurefull eye at the scrunched up paper he flew off leaving us to enjoy the afternoon sunshine alone. It was such a treat to have a wild bird so close, I really wish I'd had my camera with me to snap a picture!

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