Monday, July 5, 2010


So I could write today about how I've managed to have another great hair day (two in a week, I know, it could be a miracle) but I thought I would write about memories.

This time last year I was in South America, in fact to be precise, I was in La Paz and today is actually the anniversary of me getting hit by a truck. It was a bit scary, but I wasn't injured and moments later I was completely distracted by fresh pastry products then a passing parade (I've added in some photos of the parade so you can see).

It was an amazing trip which I did with two really good friends and since it is the year anniversary I've been thinking about it quite a bit at the moment. I'm using pictures of the trip as my screen background at work, and if I'm feeling stressed, I just close the document I'm working on and look at the dancing women, or the animals in the amazon, or ancient ruins, or a beautiful waterfall and my mood instantly lightens.

I think a holiday can just keep on giving joy and I'm enjoying mine all over again.

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